MCDP Guides for Inter-Municipal Cooperation

These guides are the product of MCDP's experience facilitating inter-municipal groups all over Saskatchewan, and can be used to help municipalities navigate their own regional groups.  For more guides and helpful resources be sure to visit the Resource Material page on this website.

A Guide to Municipal Cooperation - Succeeding in Regional Partnerships

From identifying partnerships to developing cost sharing agreements, this guide provides municipalities with the information to develop and maintain successful partnerships.  The guide focuses on beginning a collaborative process; structuring an inter-municipal group; and maintaining a cooperative relationship. 

Municipal Guide to Community Action Planning

This guide provides assistance in developing direction and priorities for inter-municipal groups, and guidance on how to ensure the actions become a reality.  The guide helps to define the focus of a plan; assess the situation in communities; lay out a plan for the future; and develop the tools to monitor progress in the plan.

Municipal Guide to the Regional Socio-Economic Profile

Provides guidance on compiling, analyzing, and interpreting regional statistics to give a "bird eye" view of the socio-economic environment.  This guide can help municipalities to identify unique and shared characteristics in their communities to support growth strategies, development plans, and grant writing.

Municipal Guide to Community Resource Inventory Development

The guide introduces asset inventories and their practical application.  Provides the "big picture" perspective to connect regional planning and related resources.  Inside the guide you find out how to prepare and conduct a resource inventory and how to use it effectively.