The Municipal Capacity Development Program works with municipal leaders to facilitate development of inter-municipal projects; educate on the potential for regional cooperation; and research issues that matter to municipalities.

MCDP facilitates open communication between municipal leaders to help ensure all perspectives are heard, understood and contribute to meaningful collaboration between municipalities.

If you believe that your municipality could benefit from working with neighbouring municipalities, but don't know where to start, an MCDP facilitator can help. We can help you to build a solid group structure and develop the tools to complete your regional project. MCDP has developed the processes to guide municipalities through a number of different projects and adapts them to suit the need of different groups.

We help regional groups to complete:

  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Community Action Plan
  • Cost-Sharing Agreements
  • Request for Proposals
  • Service Agreements
  • Community Resource Inventory
  • And many other projects

For more information on MCDP products and services or to request a free introductory presentation please contact us.

MCDP provides workshops and advice on municipal issues and regional cooperation.

Sometime there is a lack of understanding about how regional cooperation can be accomplished and how it can be helpful. MCDP tries to get out as much as possible to inter-municipal meetings, conferences and other events to promote the benefits and possibilities of cooperation. MCDP also provides free half day workshops on a number of different topics. The workshops are designed to help tackle common municipal challenges and show the best practices for regional cooperation on the issue.

For more detailed information on workshops visit the Workshops & Presentation page. To inquire about hosting and MCDP workshop or presentation please contact us.

MCDP provides topic specific research by request from municipalities and communicates the findings through its comprehensive website.

Chances are your municipality has come up against new demands or challenges over the past few years and MCDP is here to help. We are able to devote time to research for municipalities; whether it’s different types of agreements, best practices, finding the right contact, guides and manuals or general advice on regional cooperation MCDP has the time, resources and expertise to find the information. Much of the research that we do is posted on our website in the Municipal Resources section.

If you have a request for research please contact us.