DISCLAIMER: All of MCDP's workshop modules and related documents are developed for the purpose of educating and assisting Saskatchewan inter-municipal working groups. They are not intended for profit. For questions pertaining to the use of MCDP materials, or if you would like MCDP to assist with the process of creating a topic specific presentation please contact us.

2015 Economic Developers Association of Canada's Conference (EDAC): September 19 - 22, 2015:  

EDAC is a national organization that provides professional development, networking opportunities and resources to economic developers, pursing excellence in the field. MCDP presented to economic developers at the annual conference on the importance of asset mapping. Asset mapping involves a community or regional group identifying community assets and resources.

Click here for the Asset Mapping Presentation that MCDP presented at the Conference.

2015 Regional Planning Forum: June 10, 2015:

In partnership with the Ministry of Government Relations and the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute, MCDP presented at the Forum to support regional planning and District Planning Commissions in Saskatchewan. 

Click here for Session 1 Presentation, Ministry of Government Relations and MCDP. 

Click here for Session 2 Presentation, Chief Darcy Bear, Whitecap Dakota First Nation.

Click here for Session 3 Presentation, Murray Walker, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General.

2014 Regional Planning Dialogue: May 27, 2014:

The session was facilitated by Community Planning and MCDP to offer District Planning Commissions and other regional planning groups across Saskatchewan the opportunity to network and share knowledge.  The challenges and opportunities shared during the dialogue will assist in the development of future programming and resources to further support regional planning in Saskatchewan. 

Click here to view the agenda and presentations.

MCDP  Inter-municipal Conference Materials (2012 and 2013)

Presentation Topics

MCDP can provide presentations on a multitude of different inter-municipal topics.  We may be able to customize and deliver a presentation for your group provided there is more than one municipality involved .  If you are interested in having MCDP provide a presentation at a meeting, conference or workshop please contact us.

Past presentation topics include:

  • Building Trust in Partnerships
  • Governance and Working Together
  • Sustainable Strategic Planning Session
  • Sustainable Municipal Development in Saskatchewan

Past Presentations


We require the participation of a reasonable number of representatives from more than one municipality to deliver these sessions.  We also require that for a half day session (3 hours) coffee and a light snack be provided and if we deliver two sessions in the same day (3hrs + 3hrs) we require that lunch be provided or that there is a restaurant near-by.  The host is responsible to make the necessary arrangements for the delivery of the workshop (booking session space, registration, advertising etc.).  The host is welcome to charge a fee for participation on a cost-recovery basis.  To arrange delivery of any of these working sessions please contact us.  You will be asked to provide us with possible dates (preferably 3 weeks to a month in advance) and we will let you know if we are available. 

Past Workshops